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PR Image Factory

PR Image Factory is a professional stock photography team. We primary focus is stock photography with over 10,000 images in our portfolio. We covers a wide range of subjects in our portfolio, favorites being lifestyle, portrait and still life. Our images are selling around the world and have appeared in numerous print and web publications, including major newspapers and magazines, and advertising from web to billboards. PR Image Factory has been chosen as a featured photographer on many agencies (e.g., Shutterstock, iStock by Gatty Images, Adobe Fotolia, 123RF, Dreamstime).

We provide imagery for everyone, from bloggers and freelancers to top multi-million companies.   Amazing things happen when a group of passionate individuals work together to materialize ideas. The creativity and dedication of our people is the key to our success.  All our shots are meticulously planned and the finished images reflect that team effort.

PR Image Factory dedicated to quality. Our images are digitally processed and retouched to comply with the highest industry standards. Our portfolio is fresh and rapidly growing, contains wide variety of subjects and keeps up with new ideas and concepts of modern life.


皮亞影像工廠是一家專業商業圖庫攝影團隊,我們擁有超過17000張以上的商業圖庫,我們的作品集涵蓋了各種主題包含生活、人像、科學、商務、食物等廣泛的領域,而這些不同領域的影像作品銷售範圍涵蓋了全球五大洲,並且同時被選用在許多印刷出版品和各國當地的報章雜誌等等…世界每一個角落你都能欣賞到皮亞影像工廠的作品。皮亞影像工廠已被來全球十大圖庫公司選定專任攝影團隊,包括Shutterstock, iStock by Gatty Images, Adobe Fotolia, 123RF, Dreamstime等。


皮亞影像工廠致力於提升影像品質的水平,我們的每一張影像都是經過專業的數位化後製, 並符合業界的最高標準。我們的作品集正朝著各式各樣的主題快速的增長,我們隨時保持全新的思路跟隨著時代與市場的改變而進步,以確保客戶們隨時都有最新的創作影像可供選擇。