What is model release?
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全球通用模特兒同意書 (檔案格式 .PDF)

What is “Model Release”?

A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the photographer about usage of the images where the model appears. When a model signs a model release he or she acknowledges that images or movies with him or her in them will be used for commercial purposes around the world.

The images and movies cannot be used for just anything, and the agencies that sell images, known as stock agencies, have a long set of “user rights and restrictions” that protects the model and the photographer from abusive usage of the material. The restrictions are very tight, so abusive usage almost never happens.

Most professional or international models have signed model releases many times, but for new models this aspect can feel a little uncertain. When you are asked to sign a model release, take your time to read it through and ask any questions you may have to the photographer or film-maker on the set. Even though the model release is written in a very formal language, try to remember that basically this is just a contract that formally allows the photographer to use the pictures he is taking of you.

You can read and download a universally accepted model release here:

Universal adult & minor model release for all agencies (.pdf)